Patriotism and culture

56th Madaraka day celebrations…The day we Kenyans celebrate the day our heroes attained freedom for us as a nation.
As I watch this am nostalgic about power and how people in power are treated.I am looking at the president and I am in awe of how well organized his arrival is choreographed.No lie I love power.
Am looking at the different groups of Kenyan soldiers in their parades as they showcase themselves…I love i love i love.Their uniforms their presentations,reminds me of the million times I have watched celebrations of such kind and even as a little girl aspired to be one of them.Indeed I admire them so much,their work and even for the power vested in them by the people of Kenya.In another life I would be in the police service to wear that uniform,match in auspicious occasions and celebrations as well as to serve the nation.I am a patriot and a lover of everything Kenyan,our culture,our food and even our president.
I love culture and tradition and as I watch the maasai community present their cultural songs I am speechless and I feel goosebumps our originality lives on and will never die…the Moran are something else the maasai soldiers in action reminds me of why I love the maasai culture,their attire is unique and beautiful.. in my 4 years at Maasai Mara University living among them and experiencing this culture daily I feel and own this culture ‘Ashe Oleng’ I am a proud citizen. It is with pride that I hold my country so much is in us and my prayer is may we always live in an original and authentic Kenya.

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