My son is the only person who can drive me crazy and make me smile all at the same time.Since he turned a year old the other day he seems to have a newfound love for everything danger.He keeps me on my toes from morning to night.I get the chance to rest when he takes one of his long naps but even then I have chores to do. When he sleeps at 1:30 p.m to 3.00 p.m I wash clothes his and ours then wash utensils,shower and be ready for a show I am currently hooked on or at times I have to rush to the shop to get something while he is asleep as someone watches over him, I am always in a rush to complete my tasks before he wakes up because between feeding him and running around the house trying to control his little playful self I never get anything done.I have recently noticed how he has taken interest in putting his hands in water and whenever he finds any water storage container that isn’t covered he plays with that water and whenever I try to deny him access to it he throws a huuge tantrum that I end up just standing there and looking at him funny.
Same for his newfound interest in the kitchen sink with whatever is on it.He will climb whatever can help him get to it and when up there he will be laughing and giggling about being able to infuriate me.He scares me because he is interested in all the dangerous little things. He loves the outdoors and whenever we go out to play or just to bask in the sun, getting back into the house is a fight him crying for the door tantrum after tantrum.I am yet to discover ways to make him stop testing and infuriating me.
I am a mother raising a king,a man, a cute little lovely human.It gets even more difficult because I am doing it single handedly with his dad away for work and having no house help to help.It has its good side and other side.Atleast I get to spend time with him and make memories.

#beauty in parenting


4 thoughts on “MUMMY AND BABY

    1. That I agree with you, with raising my baby I have to really be patient and calm in situations which I may have overreacted to when I was younger.Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog I appreciate your feedback too.Enjoy and expect more soon.


      1. sure sure i believe in learning through experience and being kind to yourself as you learn and grow.thank you for interacting with me Aleeya


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