Babies don’t come with a manual.

Today we went on our monthly weight and height monitoring clinic visits and me and my baby came back the happiest.He just hit the 8.0kg mark and I couldn’t be more ecstatic,his weight had been stagnating for a while with really slight gains of a few grams for a few months and it had started to really stress me I felt like I was not feeding him enough.I beat myself alot over it I felt like I wasn’t doing enough until today when he hit that mark, for me it’s an achievement,i gave myself a part in the back.
It means I have been doing something worthwhile this past month and I feel like taking credit for adding more feeding times to his day, to more wholesome nutritious meals, breastfeeding often,more activities during playtime and even more sleep.
For mothers out there like me I know how much we worry when baby does not add weight or drops a few grams in a month, which often could be due to fevers,could be due to change of appetite as the baby develops their first set of teeth or just generally changes as baby develops.Irregardless of whatever reasons us mothers take it personally and we are not easy on ourselves over this matter.

As a first time mom I had times of real worry over so much things like heat rash,nappy rash,fevers,colds,baby fatigue, sleeping patterns,baby weight,the number of times my baby would pee or poop,itchy gums not forgetting the first few weeks of colic and tantrums,this is until I understood that babies are different and each one grows at their own pace and in their own way.The best thing to do is just to let the baby be and let them be themselves.The best thing about it is that it gets better with time and as baby grows you become a pro in handling your baby.
Although mothers can relate with one another on matters baby stuff based on personal experiences it is beneficial to share ideas but it is important to note that each mother need to know their own baby and understand them and treat them accordingly.Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual so we design one.
I am also learning more as we grow, at day one I knew bits and pieces some of what my friends taught me on my baby shower and maybe information that my mother had shared with me in brief.One year and fifteen days later I can’t say I am as clueless as I was then.


#beauty in parenting

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