My baby is the most handsome cutest being i have ever known, i love him with all my being and i know to him mommy and daddy are heroes in his eyes and hence the need to seek for ways to provide for him the best life that we can.I just went back to work a few days ago and leaving my baby to go back to work was one of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make in my life.He is one year and two months old now but i have never felt he is old enough to be left with a sitter.I had to look for a sitter for him but every time i was at work i kept worrying alot ,i still do. The first week of going back to work was terrible i couldn’t sit still, i almost wanted to go back home.It took alot of positive talk to my self about the fact that i needed to get out and accept the help from someone else,it took me a while to be able to trust someone else with my baby infact i had detailed instructions that i had written down for the person i first left him with on how to care for him,how to change his diaper,how to feed him,the number of times to feed him,how he likes to sleep,his nap times,what to dress him in and even how he likes to play.I wanted to be as clear as possible on the needs of my baby so that my sitter could not get anything twisted or confused.I realized i am the most paranoid mom i know and i understand that there are alot more who are like me.I missed my baby alot and since i had never been away from him for more than 6 hours like i do now i was afraid i felt that maybe she might not be patient with him as i would be or maybe she wouldn’t take good care of him as i would.Before i settled on the best seater for my baby i fired two of them within three days because i wanted only the best and truly there is no shame in seeking help with kids and other duties while providing for your families.Mothers out there need to hear and accept that without feeling guilty of abandoning their kids as i felt.

My baby is my most precious human and since i started working i take every minute around him preciously.I maximize on the times we spend together a lot and make sure that i take time for just us me and him.Bath times are sacred to us, where i take the longest time playing with him and talking to him, during dinner i ensure that i am the one to feed him so that i am able to bond and laugh with him.Before bed we can watch one of his fun baby rhymes from cocomelon or read a book or just play,this depends on the mood we are in at that moment.

I take holidays and weekends more seriously now, to me the more offdays i get the happier i become cos that means more time to have fun and go out with my son.Lucky for me i got the coolest sitter in the whole world and luckily my husbands small sister is around to be my eye and ear at home.This ensures that my baby is well taken care as that is the biggest priority for me at the moment.

I am happy to work and provide for my family and still be able to give my baby my time.

I know it will get easier with time.I trust that i will get a hold of it sooner.

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Babies don’t come with a manual.

Today we went on our monthly weight and height monitoring clinic visits and me and my baby came back the happiest.He just hit the 8.0kg mark and I couldn’t be more ecstatic,his weight had been stagnating for a while with really slight gains of a few grams for a few months and it had started to really stress me I felt like I was not feeding him enough.I beat myself alot over it I felt like I wasn’t doing enough until today when he hit that mark, for me it’s an achievement,i gave myself a part in the back.
It means I have been doing something worthwhile this past month and I feel like taking credit for adding more feeding times to his day, to more wholesome nutritious meals, breastfeeding often,more activities during playtime and even more sleep.
For mothers out there like me I know how much we worry when baby does not add weight or drops a few grams in a month, which often could be due to fevers,could be due to change of appetite as the baby develops their first set of teeth or just generally changes as baby develops.Irregardless of whatever reasons us mothers take it personally and we are not easy on ourselves over this matter.

As a first time mom I had times of real worry over so much things like heat rash,nappy rash,fevers,colds,baby fatigue, sleeping patterns,baby weight,the number of times my baby would pee or poop,itchy gums not forgetting the first few weeks of colic and tantrums,this is until I understood that babies are different and each one grows at their own pace and in their own way.The best thing to do is just to let the baby be and let them be themselves.The best thing about it is that it gets better with time and as baby grows you become a pro in handling your baby.
Although mothers can relate with one another on matters baby stuff based on personal experiences it is beneficial to share ideas but it is important to note that each mother need to know their own baby and understand them and treat them accordingly.Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual so we design one.
I am also learning more as we grow, at day one I knew bits and pieces some of what my friends taught me on my baby shower and maybe information that my mother had shared with me in brief.One year and fifteen days later I can’t say I am as clueless as I was then.


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My son is the only person who can drive me crazy and make me smile all at the same time.Since he turned a year old the other day he seems to have a newfound love for everything danger.He keeps me on my toes from morning to night.I get the chance to rest when he takes one of his long naps but even then I have chores to do. When he sleeps at 1:30 p.m to 3.00 p.m I wash clothes his and ours then wash utensils,shower and be ready for a show I am currently hooked on or at times I have to rush to the shop to get something while he is asleep as someone watches over him, I am always in a rush to complete my tasks before he wakes up because between feeding him and running around the house trying to control his little playful self I never get anything done.I have recently noticed how he has taken interest in putting his hands in water and whenever he finds any water storage container that isn’t covered he plays with that water and whenever I try to deny him access to it he throws a huuge tantrum that I end up just standing there and looking at him funny.
Same for his newfound interest in the kitchen sink with whatever is on it.He will climb whatever can help him get to it and when up there he will be laughing and giggling about being able to infuriate me.He scares me because he is interested in all the dangerous little things. He loves the outdoors and whenever we go out to play or just to bask in the sun, getting back into the house is a fight him crying for the door tantrum after tantrum.I am yet to discover ways to make him stop testing and infuriating me.
I am a mother raising a king,a man, a cute little lovely human.It gets even more difficult because I am doing it single handedly with his dad away for work and having no house help to help.It has its good side and other side.Atleast I get to spend time with him and make memories.

#beauty in parenting


Patriotism and culture

56th Madaraka day celebrations…The day we Kenyans celebrate the day our heroes attained freedom for us as a nation.
As I watch this am nostalgic about power and how people in power are treated.I am looking at the president and I am in awe of how well organized his arrival is choreographed.No lie I love power.
Am looking at the different groups of Kenyan soldiers in their parades as they showcase themselves…I love i love i love.Their uniforms their presentations,reminds me of the million times I have watched celebrations of such kind and even as a little girl aspired to be one of them.Indeed I admire them so much,their work and even for the power vested in them by the people of Kenya.In another life I would be in the police service to wear that uniform,match in auspicious occasions and celebrations as well as to serve the nation.I am a patriot and a lover of everything Kenyan,our culture,our food and even our president.
I love culture and tradition and as I watch the maasai community present their cultural songs I am speechless and I feel goosebumps our originality lives on and will never die…the Moran are something else the maasai soldiers in action reminds me of why I love the maasai culture,their attire is unique and beautiful.. in my 4 years at Maasai Mara University living among them and experiencing this culture daily I feel and own this culture ‘Ashe Oleng’ I am a proud citizen. It is with pride that I hold my country so much is in us and my prayer is may we always live in an original and authentic Kenya.