Part 1

Depression is a mental health disorder that many people know but may not quite understand. In today’s society many people are falling into depression not willingly but the pressures of life are pushing us into it.

Say today how many of your friends can you call & tell them what you actually are going through at that moment,say for men how many of you can call a friend and tell them “I am stressed because my ‘mama’ cheated on me” this and that or say ” I am pissed because my girlfriend is demanding too much from me and I can’t keep up and it’s stressing me ” or how many can call and tell a friend “my husband is abusing me emotionally and it’s eating me up” and on telling them this they actually care,from where I stand a few will genuinely give a damn and hence the more we suffer in silence cause you think to yourself no one actually cares and hence depression.

Alot of us are just wannabes out here chasing perfection which ain’t there,living lives that ain’t truly ours and it’s sad really really sad. So say today I fall off the radar,who will realize ? Do I have friends who will reach out ? Or it’s just my immediate family who will notice ? for most people no one will. If you are going through a tough time & you feel so down just know that there is a better day coming , anticipate it. Depression is characterized by sadness,loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low selfworth,disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness & poor concentration. At it’s worst it can lead to suicide.

Positive principles & effective treatments can make a difference for people dealing with depression. Much as people desire to have a better living standard but that doesn’t ensure happiness, truth is money is not a solution to disappointment,discouragement & despair. Women are more likely to suffer depression triggered by events such as,loss of a partner through death, divorce or separation.The cause of depression is not the same for everyone it does vary from person to person. Others could be a genetic problem that affects the balance of chemicals ( neurotransmitters in the brain). A stressful life event like death of a loved one,losing a job, divorce or some equally tragic event.Whatever the cause depression is dangerous and one needs to seek help.

As a result of Depression many people live in the dark shadow of sadness, gloom & hopelessness and often struggle with feelings of inadequacy,hopelessness and unfulfillment.Hormonal fluctuations of the reproductive years in women causes them to go through depression. Inequality with men in social status in most cultures exposes them to depression through the pressures of reproduction, regulation of the size of family. Oral contraceptives may carry a potential for depression due to its hormonal component that may play a cyclical role or during postpartum state after childbirth & hence postpartum depression. This occurs due to the weight of new responsibilities, sudden drop and rise in hormonal changes following childbirth, new mom’s need serious and compassionate Care.

Postpartum depression has signs that includes, persistent tiredness,loss of energy,loss of concentration, indecisiveness, feelings of guilt & low selfworth that often persists for weeks & even months at a time, difficulty in sleeping or sleeping more than normal or waking up early. Some women may not realize it until way later.Persons suffering from depression tend to lose interest in daily activities & may struggle with recurring thoughts of death & suicide.

Changes in body weight due to changes in eating patterns. In severe cases individuals with depression lose interest in eating & no longer find pleasure in any of life’s activities & social relationships.Society and everyone needs to recognize that the major depressive disorders are as much a disease as the more physical ones like diabetes & hence comments such as ” pull yourself together”, or ” get a grip” to a depressed person reflects the lack of knowledge on depression or just generally sadly ignorance of the one making such comments cause it causes further pain,heartache & worsening of the condition.

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Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship is a relationship between people who don’t support each other,where there’s conflict & one seeks to undermine the other,where there’s competition, disrespect & lack of cohesiveness.Its characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness,dominance & control.Toxic relationships stem from trauma such as bullying,mental health disorder, depression, bipolar disorder,childhood trauma like lack of love & support growing up or constant neglect.Most of the time it’s the underlying issues that fuel toxic partners in a toxic relationship.

How to tell a toxic relationship:. You are in a toxic relationship if you realize that you ain’t happy that you ain’t fulfilled in the person that you are with and you can’t do anything about it because your significant other isn’t willing to help you through it. A toxic relationship is consistently draining for the people in it. You are in a toxic relationship if you are constantly being emotionally abused ,if your partner intentionally makes you feel or tells you that you are unworthy,you are not deserving of good things,you are trash, constantly bringing your self esteem down. Belittling you and your feelings every time bringing down your confidence.

If you feel that the power of your relationship lies with your partner every time they want to control every aspect of your life..they want to be in control of what you do,where you go and who you associate with.That is toxic.If you are constantly unhappy in your relationship and this has made you to not see or appreciate the beauty of life or in anything for that matter.If you are in a relationship where there is constant threats of leaving or suicidal threats or threats of violence that is a toxic relationship with real deep toxic shit right there. If negative moments outweigh or outnumber the positive ones it may be time to leave.

You are in a toxic relationship if your partner constantly makes you feel insignificant all the time & you feel alone & unwanted,if your love isn’t reciprocated and you feel a negative shift in your mental health ,personality or self esteem. If you cry more than you laugh in your relationship then that partner ain’t for you. If you feel like you are constantly giving and giving and giving towards your relationship and your partner and not receiving back and you feel emotionally drained. That is toxic.

You are in a toxic relationship if you are going through physical violence,sexual violence or any form of violence that is a toxic relationship and you need to seek help to get yourself out of that negative space. A toxic relationship manifests itself in so many ways but starts slowly you rarely will notice until it has eaten you up whole & alive. You need to seek help see a therapist,be wise enough to see it coming before it’s too late. Choose yourself,love yourself & work on finding happiness on your own.

Leave a toxic relationship because it will make you lose the taste of the beauty of life and living,it may eventually push you into depression,seek help to heal,to let go & to move on. Leave a relationship/marriage/friendships if it no longer serves your purpose,if you are constantly unhappy in it leave. If you have the urge to just put an end to it that is stronger than the will to stay leave. Toxic relationships paralyzes you in it until you get used to it & you can no longer recognize the person that you are. Listen to your loved ones if they point out that something has changed in you since you got into that relationship or that marriage,if the come to your rescue listen and reflect on what they may be telling you. Most of the time other people will notice that you are in a toxic relationship before the person in it can even tell it they often wake up to it one day and often it’s when it’s too late.

Anyone can fall victim of a toxic relationship both men and women,ladies and gentlemen and there is always a Pattern that one will notice it’s often that you realize victims or perpetrators of this move from one toxic relationship to another and another until they are bitter with life or just throw a towel on love and say it doesn’t exist. Truth is love exists take time to heal first so when you find it you can see it for what it is and you won’t fall for the wrong ones ever again.

Toxic relationships may be in the form of social friendships,dating relationships, a marriage,family ties or bonds or even professional relationships in the workplace. Protect your space and avoid toxic people.

In a marriage or a relationship if a toxic partner is struggling from underlying issues like depression, anxiety issues,bipolar disorder,mental health disorder, addiction or even trauma and is willing to work through it together or is willing to seek help to better themselves and is working towards that and is committed to really change then you give it a chance.Go to therapy let them seek professional help and take medication to treat themselves so they cannot harm you with their destructive behaviors again if they are not willing to do it don’t try to be the fixer of other people’s lives just walk. Avoid the Olivia pope syndrome and just walk to protect your sanity leave.

Remember that : Love should never cost you your peace. It should never cost you your joy. It should never cost you your happiness.If there’s more negative in the situation than positive something has to change. Choose you,choose happiness & peace over all else.

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Self-care is really important
It is important because it helps you to unwind and let go of pent up negative energy,to let in positive insightful things and to be able to live in the moment.It nurtures the soul.

For me sitting down and doing nothing for about an hour after running up and down doing this or that is super important and I have to have a moment to catch my breath.I need this time for me to be able to function well otherwise I can honestly shut down and no matter what ..for me I have to have this time,where I can sit on my bed,watch TV, exercise,lie down or take a nap,or just take a silent walk.

Once in a while I take time to do my personal grooming at home just to relax and breath,I do a whole body scrub,trim my eyebrows,shave my armpits and my V area,detox my face in a warm steam and a warm towel and enjoy the warmth on my face for a minute,put my feet on warm salty water and just read a book for a while as the dead skin on my feet soak away,I trim my nails,file them and do my manicure and pedicure. Shampoo, condition,wash and treat my hair before just putting them in twists. This way of life for me is sacred and some of this things I do for myself are like the rituals of my life to protect my sanity.

I have been doing this since i was young I remember I think since being in class 8 ,for me taking a minute to do my own thing and taking care of my self keeps me sane and happy.I get excited in the small little things because ,i live in the moment I am present and I see and delight in things that I notice and appreciate because my inner being is taken care of.

Every night before bed I read a book either a hardcopy ,or one on my phone.Books have been a part of me since I was in primary I read all the books in our school library and hence was put in charge of the library,one of my teachers at the time once actually chased me out of the library saying that I had read all the books in that library what more did I want to do there that I should let others come and borrow too that I was too much for her.can you imagine how much that hurt me but that aside I have been a lover of books since and it’s inborn and it’s a part of me that I treasure I built my grammar and language through books,I learnt things in life through books,I have travelled wide in books and I grew through books and matured because of what i read,some experiences have been taught to me in books,my perspectives,viewpoints,emotions alot more through books and that part of me is so dear to me because i credit my success to it . I journal often as well every idea that comes to me i note it down raw. I love writing on pen and notebook especially using a pencil I always have and whenever I hold a notebook my ideas flow so freely i could fill up a book.I have a wild imagination i always have,my thoughts are too much in my head,i am a born creative,a born motivator i never lack words for anything,that is so much my nature.

I hope you get a gist of what self-care is about. Cos self care is necessary self-care is important.They say that self-care leads to self-love and that is how you take your power back from the world. Do not let the world run you run the world yourself,control what you let in and make sure you are able to find the quiet in the chaos.

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Parenting is the most important and beautiful thing in the whole world. So to all parents out there and parents to be kudos you are doing a good job.I have talked alot about motherhood in this blog because that’s what I’m most passionate about.

Millennial parenting is kind of different,in this era where kids know their rights and have a mind of their own.I say this because I’m raising a son ,a 2 year old cutie who makes me feel like I’m losing it. He has shown me that at that tender age he already has like a mind of his own and you cannot force him into doing anything. If he doesn’t want to do it he will give you a strong NO which cannot be changed into a YES. Else it’s gonna be chaos and honestly it’s just difficult.

I salute all parents out there doing their thing to provide ,care, protect and do the most for their children. I feel like that’s the best we can do considering that we are just custodians of these God-given gifts and that they do not belong to us much as we gave birth to them .The best thing to do so is to pray for them at all times that God takes the wheel in their lives and cover them in all their endevours while just trying to do the best you can as a parent. Sometimes you won’t and it’s okay.When you do it right pat yourself at the back and give yourself a thumbs up and when you fail as well just forgive yourself and try again. When you do wrong by your baby apologize do not assume that they do not deserve it, they do, just say “I am sorry mama or I’m sorry Daddy ,I should not have done that I’ll do better next time.” No matter how small,young or how big they are, they will appreciate you for it and it helps because you are setting a good example.

The goal of every parent here is to raise a good human being. presentable to the society and also to themselves.Teaxh them and show them what you want them to become..They will become who you showed them to be mad treat others according to how you treat them.Instill in them values that you want them to have from an early age coz that is when they learn the most.

Learn to be patient that’s what I’m trying as well as a mum because I usually have like the tiniest of patience and any little thing kinda sets me off. I just really admire the relationship my son has with his daddy, the smoothest the easiest buddy buddy kind of relationship. He’s the most patient with him,the kindest , warmest and all that good stuff towards him and I try at all times to be like that but then I realise the good and sometimes not so good relationship I have with my son is because I’m the mom..The mom who is annoying everytime with”Don’t play with that , don’t go there, don’t eat that ,come here it’s time for your bath,come eat your food,don’t throw that, don’t touch that,it’s time to change your diaper . Most of these don’ts aren’t the fun stuffs and maybe that’s why it’s not all ‘abujubuju’ all the time.I am the disciplinarian in this case and I just try to be kind while at it .I have an advantage of afternoon, morning cuddles ,the I am feeling like I just want to be cuddled by mummy cuddles,the I want something kisses the smiles ,the play times whenever I am not all over the place doing this or that.Honestly it’s fun most of the times mad I thank God for the blessing of being a mom , being a parent and all that it comes with it,the late nights during the colic times ,the injections during the one year,the tantrums as they grow, the different behaviors they adopt each day as they grow.

I sometimes just realise that my son has done something that he has never done before and I just get surprised and I go like ‘wow you’ve grown a little more today than yesterday and it’s fine. The highlight of this new season that we entered last week of being 2 years old is trouble sleepinghe cries for hours on end before going to sleep and will throw the most unnecessary tantrums and drama, he’s older now and I have to grow with it as well.

Otherwise truth be told parenting is work , working on yourself first to be a fit, happy,stable parent before working on your kid to be the best. Key is hustle hard and don’t be lazy so you can so you can afford to give your kid the best life you can offer. Second is watch your space ensure that you are in a positive space,with your family, friends, workmates so as not to pass negative energy to your children. Make sure you are happy first by taking care of yourself your health, your wellness,so as to be in a good position to take care of your little ones. Mood swings , anger and negative energy should not be your portion,kids feed on this energy and you end up failing as a parent because you raise unhappy kids. Happy home,you owe this to your children no matter what. Have a positive relationship with each other before bringing a human being in between because the happiness present at home determines the product that you raise as parents . Start discipline early whichever your mode of disciplining is just start early though I am not an advocate of violence and I do not want to see anyone beating a child but a spank here or there won’t kill them if it’s aimed at lightly correcting and not proving a point but to each their own.I prefer just sternly putting my point across to my son and he gets it most times . Lastly just let your kids be ,just let them be,let them grow and develop the way they want to at their own pace, do not compare with others and put unnecessary pressure on you and your kid.Just be there as there cheerleader,cheer them on ,be their best friend,biggest support,role model, confidant mad protect them against all harm.In the world we live in today, there are many predators guard your children with your life and do not let them out of your watchful eye, always ensure that itlf they are far they are not further than your arms length.Communicate with them let them tell you things,be open and let them express themselves,be present as a parent. Do not force your children to be like you or live your life through them. LET THEM BE. Let their dreams and ambitions be theirs. Let go of your broken dreams so that you don’t force them down the throats of your kids. Allow their personalities and differences to thrive and grow them the best way you can . Nurture their talents and abilities and watch them fly above all let God be your parent .So you can be a better parent to them and let God be the overall parent to you both because with God it’s easier….

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Mothers are superheroes

End of my one week juice cleanse journey

Day 6 was really difficult for me I woke up hungry,tired,dizzy and mostly weak. I felt weak literally I had to rush and get a glass of my green smoothie first thing in the morning,then after 2hours I took a glass of the pineapple,avocado and banana juice.I had relax alot but as the day progresses it got better and the hunger pangs subsided I did the rest of my two meals with my green smoothie and felt Fuller as I went to bed.

Same feeling I had waking up to Day 7 woke up feeling really full I didn’t have to reach for a smoothie until almost 2hours after I had woken up,I took another glass of the avocado, pineapple,banana and carrot juice for lunch and a green smoothie  in the evening when i got home from running errands in town. I still can’t believe I functioned for a whole week with just a green smoothie and even was able to do errands for my son’s birthday next week in a full stomach with no cravings at all till I got back home. For dinner I felt alot fuller and wasn’t even able to finish a glass of smoothie cos I did snack on roasted corn just a little too much but still it has been an amazing journey so far God has been faithful with good health and his provision.

It is possible to do a one week juice cleanse I am an example and I can say it gets better with time and it gets easier the nearer you are to the end the last few days have been so easy for me to resist other food no matter how yummy they look. I am super proud of myself.I feel clean,slimmer and fit in my body as a prepare for next journey in dieting and exercise.

Try this and tell me how it goes.

If you feel you might be at risk trying consult your doctor.

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Juice cleanse

Day 4 went so well started my morning with an orange and the green smoothie,lunch I took the other fruit juice with ginger in it,lots of water in between.I felt alot hungry today than yesterday but il push on in the evening for supper i am taking my green smoothie with avocado slices I hope to sleep well. My energy is still low dint do much today just like the other few days.

Its actually recommended that one does not do heavy work during the cleanse. My moods still is abit shaky but il get the hang of it.3 more days to go this is actually really amazing for me I can now resist foods without feeling bad,I don’t crave alot and I feel like I might get rid of sugars once I get done with this exercise,I will start watching my food ratios as well,I will also limit my fat intake and as well exercise alot to maintain and progress this weight loss journey.
Day 5 it’s been a rather busy day I stuck faithfully to my green juices 3 times today I added avocado and tomato to the juice I made today. I snacked on avocado, pineapple,carrot and banana smoothie.Felt Fuller than usual except for I was going to bed i felt a sudden hunger but nothing that a glass of water can’t help I think it s cos of low sugar levels…a day at a time it is.2 days to go…so far so good.

Body goal

I want to get back on my healthy eating and fitness journey. I have been slacking alot the past 4 months because of quarantine and stuff but hey I need my body back and I need it soon. I have been dealing with alot of bloating lately and i know it is because of eating too much and eating badly. So I thought before I even start eating right and exercising I decided to get on a juice cleanse first and see how that goes..

I started my one week juice cleanse Monday on 8/6/2020. Day 1 was success I experienced a bit of headache in the evening,hunger pangs in between meals and low energy and general weakness.I slept well throughout the night only waking up in the morning to low energy,weakness and mood swings.Am taking alot of water to substitute for snacking..i am taking it a day at time I hope to see it through to the end of the week.
Day 2: I slept well today no hanger pangs no headaches a bit of weakness and alot moody but it was a good day. I did eat a tiny piece of cake that we baked so cheat but I hope it doesn’t count it was too little lol.
Day 3: went well I started with a half avocado sliced,green juice and a ‘mandazi’ say cheat for breakfast,green juice for lunch took a carrot,ginger,pineapple,lemon juice,banana smoothie in the evening which is kind of bitter cos of the ginger but it’s A okay anyway,for supper i am taking my green smoothie and I hope to sleep well.4 more days to go I hope I get the energy for it till day 7 am excited though am testing myself,my patience,my self control,my craving,it’s a journey.
Let’s do this …a day at a time I insist


New moms are constantly being judged for everything they do.Everyone thinks they know what you do not know as a young mom and in truth they do,only that at that point it does not matter.Baby is too light,too skinny,too fat they say.
It’s like they pointing fingers at you saying you do not do enough for your baby yet it’s your baby.They act as if you do not know the first thing about taking care of another human.Baby doesn’t have new clothes they say he needs new don’t know how to dress your baby,you buy thrifted clothes,you don’t breastfeed enough you do not eat enough as a mother goes the opinions . They think stuffing yourself with food because you are breastfeeding is being a good mom regardless of  whether the food is nutrition packed or just empty calories it doesn’t matter,they just need you to stay fat.
The judging is constant and it’s tiring.Opinions left right and center without a break.I feel like new moms take in more than they should and hence the rising number of postpartum depression cases.

The constant pressure for young mother’s to be perfect in the eyes of others makes it even more difficult to find the border line between right and wrong. Personally I have been judged for the most absurd of things say for overfeeding my baby and not feeding him enough. Loving my baby too much and pampering him too much and excusing his behavior whenever he throws a tantrum. Its a constant sea of opinions from everyone around and it can get overwhelming and confusing,you do not need to absorb it all,you do not need to get it right the first time & every other time in that case,I know that experience is the best teacher at the end of the day.

Honestly it ain’t necessary to criticize and yet still people look at you and see inexperience,they look at you and see mistakes.i used to pay attention, listen absorb all the advices, criticisms then I realized at the end of the day you learn you grow and become an expert with time you do not have to know everything at once as your baby grows you also grow as a mom and it’s okay to not be right all the time.
I realized I needed to learn new ways in motherhood and unlearn the old ways, the ways I had constantly been made to believe to be right.

I raise my baby the way I feel is right by me and right by him and today if another mom needs my advice I just tell them learn your baby and grow with them.Babies are different and you have to give yourself a chance to experience with your baby to bond and to do things just the way you can. There is no manual that comes with motherhood but it’s fun learning and growing with your little one. Truth here is experience is the best teacher,seek help when you need it and when offered but remember to not feel the pressure of being a perfect mother no one is.Show your baby that you do care and be present as a parent eventually you will feel that you are doing the best you can and to your son or daughter you are the best and you rock and that is enough reward for anyone.

As they grow older remember to correct with love consistently and do not be too harsh, understanding is key to disciplining them as well.Nothing beats the love of a mother and the admiration in their eyes will just answer all your questions and erase all your doubts.

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Advice to graduates or those looking to graduate.

Allow me to give you a few tips about finishing school that you might need to think about before you are done.

Tip. keep an open mind about careers, relationships,family and friendships.
1. Think about what you want to do once you finish,plan how you want to do it & exactly what you want to achieve towards your career but also keep an open mind about where to start,don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go exactly how you want it to go but keep the goal in mind and realize that you might have to start where you did not expect to start but start there anyway as long as you know where you want to go and trust me it’s okay if you do not know where you wanna go anyway you will figure it out along the way of life.

2. About relationships,truth about campus relationships is that many end up in marriage but some may not.Be sure about what you want as a person and also what your partner wants as well considering that people change,personal goals change and where two people started may not be exactly the position that they are at that point.key thing is to communicate with your partner about your expectations and keep those expectations at the minimum to avoid heartbreaks.Most ladies expect a natural progression of the relationship to marriage after campus despite the changes that the relationship may have gone through over time yet truth is most men at that point may not have the same perception therefore keep an open mind about this as well. Do not settle,see it for what it is and be open to any direction that it may take either way redirect your life to what is good for you and the place that you are in your life.Good thing you are still young and alot is still ahead of you.The sad reality is that dating outside school may not be as easy considering that out here everyone is busy with life,others have settled while others are just here to play and ‘see how it goes’ either way that is not a reason to settle rather than dealing with regrets of settling with the wrong partner later it’s better to sail the boat of unknown and if you are lucky you will find your star someday.

3. Friendships, very few people keep in touch with the people they schooled with reason being people move on,life happens and distance may not exactly be fair to all friendships however few may survive. Once in the daily grind you may lack time to catch up and that is how friendships die others may be lucky and get straight into working while others may be struggling a little just to keep up , this differences challenge alot of friendships. Either way it is nothing to be worried about since you will meet new people and cultivate a new cycle in a new environment one which will be easy to maintain and grow over time. The workplace is one such place.

4. Family, keep an open mind about family because on completing school you will be highly welcomed back home but after a few months or years of sitting and watching television with no progress on your part the pressure begins with  intention to push you into independence. Truth is no one likes a ‘couch potato’ therefore push yourself before you are pushed. The pressure of when are you going to get a job ? When are you going to start a family? When are you going to do that masters? and alot more when are you…? questions will come, be ready for them hopefully then you will be somewhere,doing something with your life and as such questions come it will not affect you much but if nothing is happening for you then depression may creep in and that on its own is a story for another day.Otherwise you better be doing something you love somewhere and people may or may not leave you alone but live your life anyway.
On another note keep your expectations low on those you expect to push you to a level or to give you opportunities. Know that the universe owes you nothing and for you to build something for yourself you gat to hustle hard, ‘jitume’ and that is the only way it’s gonna happen.That uncle or auntie that has a prestigious job and drives a huuge car whom you are so sure is going to push for you that CV that she asked for months ago for you to get that job that you did not even apply for is a dream that may not happen.Do not sit back and wait on it incase it does not happen and you get disappointed.Keep your expectations low and do not hate those people for no reason it’s your life and  you got to work hard for it.

Your grades may be up top but tarmacking is real so do not be depressed when with your first class honours those jobs don’t come calling it will one day,but for now just take the first opportunity that knocks and run with it you never know where it gets you a few years to come because  it’s the experience that counts sometimes it’s not the grades. If opportunity doesn’t knock chase it instead of waiting for it to come to you,it’s rewarding.

On money learn to be satisfied with the little you get after school reality is there will be no more handouts from your parents at least not in the lumpsum that was during your school days and no more HELB to waste around. Learn to save and to hustle for your own money at least that way you will learn to appreciate every coin you earn.

Lastly do not compare your progress with your peers because everyone lives their life’s differently and every one’s time is different just recognize and utilise your opportunities well do not let them slip by you.
Stay woke and be ready to learn and grow each day.
Life is a class of its own.

#From a perspective of experience

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